What should I bring with me to the workshop?


For classes and performances:

please bring enough leotards (one black), leg warmers, jazz shoes,  point shoes, ballet shoes, one skin color and one black. (if you don't have skin color bring white and we will 'makeup' it/ ALL the costumes for the choreographies will be supplied by us)

 For SOLO pieces:

Please bring your own costume and high quality MP3/WAV  music on a CD or  USB stick, not on music pad or cellphone!!! (Solo performances are subject to audition with artistic director Michael Fichtenbaum)


If you are on any prescribed medication, please notify the office, and bring enough supply with you as you might not be able to buy medicine in Sankt Poelten with a doctor's prescription from another country. Don't forget all necessary medication, bring your usual headache medic, muscle relaxes etc,  as well as medical insurance information.


If I need private coaching?


Most of our teachers will give private coaching, at 50 euro per session,

This will be discussed case by case with your teacher. If you need it and we have an available studio, we will try to give some coaching.


Do you have a meal-plan?


This year offer you a daily menu from our integrated restaurant.

Different packages, details are following.


Do I need any kind of insurance?


According to Austrian students law, you MUST have a valid health insurance!

When you buy your airline ticket, we suggest that you will pay extra for insurance when you book your tickets, in case of lost luggage or any occurrence during the flight.. It is just a few dollars more. A good travel insurance will also cover you if you for some reason, need to leave the workshop and want a refund.
All our students are required to have a medical insurance and it must specify "valid for Europe".

EU citizens MUST bring their medical insurance card with them, if you do not bring your card you will have to pay approximatly  from €200 on per visit to an emergency hospital, and then get it back from your insurance at home.


Where can I stay?


There are a few posibilitys to live.

  • Guesthouse
  • Private accomodation

We have good connections and special offers to the local suppliers.

Contact anastasia.irmiyaeva@europaballett.at

From €25,- to €70,- per night.


Where is DANCEFLASH and how can I get there?


DANCEFLASH is in the beautiful barock city of St. Poelten, it is about 60km from Vienna and you can travel from Vienna by train in 26 minutes. The nearest airport is SCHWECHAT - Vienna International Airport. From the airport there is a train directly to St. Poelten, it takes about 57 minutes to travel and costs €14,30.

From St. Poelten train station you can take the bus line 6 in direction to Traisen Park and leave at WAGRAM SCHULE.

By car you have to leave the motor way exit St. Poelten Ost.

Adress: Oriongasse 4, 3100 St. Pölten Austria

Europaballett St. Pölten

Theater des Balletts